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  Rob Hay

  Instrument: Drums
Gastonia, NC (Hell yeah!)
: 46 

  Influences: Peart, Copeland, Bonham, V Rossi, Criss, A Van Halen, Soul Brother Disco (for doin' me a solid), 'Stix' Vegas, Lars, Casey Stoner, Danny Carey, and a newcomber to the list: the 29th Degree: Andrea Iannone etc...None of this would be possible if not for the indelible mark left by the original Reliable Music Crew and it's drum man Tom Wilhelm, I wish I could walk back through those doors...

Outside Work: tinkering on a Duc, bicycles, gettin' my headphones on,  the mountains of NC
First Instrument:
A Premier student snare drum kit (still have)
First purchased album
: Kiss Alive II

First Concert: Rush w/ opener John Butcher Axis

Next Piece of gear:  Hendrix Stave snare


Mark Weathers

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin

Age: Aquarius

Influences: Rolling Stones, Beatles, Charlie Parker, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Sandy Denny, Gram Parsons, Genesis (early), Clash, Deep Purple, Replacements, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Leonard Cohen, Byrds, Who, Led Zep, Camel, Caravan, Miles Davis, New York Dolls (and on and on)

Outside Work: My girl Aimee, My band The Steady Eddies, My kitties Tybalt and Dandelion, Reading (It's fundamental), working out, crossword puzzles, saving the world. 

 First Instrument: Magnus Chord Organ with numbered keys. Silent Night started out 12-13-12 12-13-12

 First Album Bought: Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street

 First Concert: Billy Preston at UNCW

 Next Piece of Gear: Digital Wireless Unit


Mckenzie Bell
Guitar, Drums and Bass
Wilmington, NC
: 25

Influences: Daniel Johns
Outside Work:
Cooking, Bowling, and Beard Farming
First Instrument:
Ibanez strat knock off and Tama singstar kit
First purchased album
: Molly Hatchet-Greatest hits

First Concert: Tehcnically.... Alabama. First one I actually paid for....Silverchair
Next Piece of gear
: DW 14x8 Edge Snare



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<p><strong>Mckenzie Bell</strong><strong><br />Instruments:</strong> Guitar, Drums and Bass<strong><br />Hometown:</strong> Wilmington, NC<strong><br />Age</strong>: 25</p>
<p><strong>Influences: </strong>Daniel Johns<strong><br />Outside Work: </strong>Cooking, Bowling, and Beard Farming<strong><br />First Instrument: </strong>Ibanez strat knock off and Tama singstar kit<strong><br />First purchased album</strong>: Molly Hatchet-Greatest hits</p>
<p><strong>First Concert</strong>: Tehcnically.... Alabama. First one I actually paid for....Silverchair<strong><br />Next Piece of gear</strong>: DW 14x8 Edge Snare</p>


Chase O'Neal
Drums, Guitar, Protools, Piano, Cello, Bass, basically anything I can hit, strum, or pluck.
Mt. Airy, NC (Mayberry, yeehaw!)
: 27

Influences: Abe Cunningham, James Hetfield, Art Blakey, Ronnie Van Zant (God rest his soul), Chad Sexton, Vinnie Paul
Outside Work:
There's something to do other than music? Recording music, cooking, guns, and home improvements.
First Instrument:
An old Harmony ukulele around age 3
First purchased album
: Metallica - Master of Puppets in 3rd grade

 First Concert: I was taken to Brooks & Dunn with Dwight Yokum as a kid, but the first concert ticket I bought was 311 with Incubus and Jimmy's Chicken Shack in 1996
Next Piece of gear
: Orange Rockerverb 50 or A Designs Pacifica