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Fender, ESP/LTD, Ibanez, Taylor, DW, Tama, Ernie Ball/Music Man, Mesa/Boogie, Orange, Seagull/Godin, BC Rich, EVH, Meinl, SWR, Zildjian, Remo, Pearl, Evans, PDP, Vic Firth, Boss, Mackie, Promark, Ampeg and many more!



We're a premier dealer for ESP® / LTD guitars (  Have one of the guys take one down from the rack, plug it in, and let it rip!  The ESP LTD EC-1000 just received the Guitar Player Magizine Editor's Pick Award in April 2010!  We carry the full line of ESP and LTD guitars that have been described as "detail-rich designs, fast playability, top-shelf components, tasteful embellishments and flawless fit and finish".

We are also an authorized dealer for Fender®( and carry the new Road Worn™ Series of guitars and basses. The new Road Worn series give the guitar player "the best of both worlds-a killer aged design aesthetic that conjure up the ghosts of past music lives, paired perfectly with the modern functionality, playability and high quality that players expect from Fender".  These new Road Worn guitars are based on the classic Fender Instruments of the 1950s and 60s.  Come plug one in and check it out!

As an authorized dealer for Taylor® guitars ( , we carry both their acoustic and the new solid body electric line. If you like to move your air the old fashioned way, step into our acoustic room where the walls are lined with some of the most exceptionally crafted guitars ever made. With their attention to detail, expansive selection of tonewoods, immaculate consistency and impeccable tone and playability, Taylor Guitars reign at the top of the food-chain in the acoustic guitar world.  Our climate controlled room keeps all of our acoustic guitars, mandolins and dobro-styled instruments in optimum conditions. Have the guys take one off the wall, sit on a stool and enjoy the smooth feel of a finely crafted instrument. Your ears will thank you for it.

In addition to Fender, ESP and Taylor we carry a full line of Ibanez® guitars (  From solid body to semi-hollow electric and the signature Steve Vail series we have a full line to explore. Visit the floor to see the signature Steve Vai JEM series guitars in all their glory. These unique guitars are described as "Iconic, Sublime, Awe-Inspiring, Outrageous" you will not be disappointed by the incredible playability and screaming tone.



You know how to keep it in the pocket and you need the right axe to get you there.  We carry the full Fender® line of bass guitars. Leo Fender changed the way bass is played with his revolutionary Fender Precision Bass (P-Bass) in 1951 and followed it up with the brighter and richer Jazz Bass (J-Bass) in 1960.  We have an assortment of basses to choose from so have the guys pull a few off the rack and slap that groove in shape.


Head, Stack, Combo, Lunchbox, we've got you covered.  Our store is littered with amps of all sizes, makes and models.  Let our guys guide you through the amp buying process.  Need a small amp for your dorm or apartment? Ready to step up to the sublime tone of a tube amp?  They're all here.

Orange Amplifiers (  have been making music since 1968.  The Orange brand first saw the charts in 1968 with a (then) premier blues band called Fleetwood Mac. Orange rocketed to "The Voice of the World" in 1972 with their 120 and 80 watt overdrive amps. With stars as wide-ranging as Stevie Wonder, BB King, Jimmy Page, John Mayall, Ike and Tina Turner, and James brown on the client list Orange even began outselling Marshall. Fast forward to 2006 and Orange introduces the wildly popular Tiny Terror 15 watt lunchbox amp and starts a new craze in compact vacuum-tube amps.   The Music Loft carries all makes and models of Orange amplifiers, so come on down, plug in and rock out.

Mesa/Boogie (  started as a small company that boosted Fender Princeton amps.  Named by then local guitar slinger Carlos Santanos, he heard one of their hot-rodded amps and said "Man, that little thing really Boogies!"  Mesa moved on to building their own amps by hand and have made quality products that produce outstanding reliability and performance.  Any Mesa/Boogie you purchase will be an investment of lasting value.  No one else stands behind their products like they do, guaranteeing lasting satisfaction and seeing that each customer is treated as they would like to be treated.  They're committed to making Mesa/Boogie one of the most rewarding purchases of your life.  At the Music Loft, we carry the full line of Mesa/Boogie amps from the popular rectifier series, to the Lonestar and

express amps. We even have the new lunchbox size Transatlantic in stock so come on down and check them out.


Sometimes you need to move air the old fashioned way.  Our acoustic instrument room is climate controlled to keep each item in the best conditions possible.  Taylor, Godin/Seagull, Ibanez, Fender, from 6 to 12 strings, mandolin, dobro and banjo, we've got your acoustic needs covered. We carry a full line of Taylor guitars, some of the most exceptionally crafted guitars ever made. With their attention to detail, expansive selection of tonewoods, immaculate consistency and impeccable tone and playability, Taylor Guitars reign at the top of the food-chain in the acoustic guitar world. In addition to Taylor we have Godin Seagull brand acoustic-electric guitars guitars that are designed and crafted in Canada. Seagull guitars take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars (such as solid tops and beautiful finishes) and build these features into guitars that are priced within the reach of working musicians.  Sit on a stool and have the guys take one down for you to play.


Drums and Percussion

You drive the music with your pounding beat. You keep the heart of the rhythm going like a pulse.  We've got the gear to keep you moving. Whether it's drums, cymbals, latin percussion or you just need more cowbell, we've got a huge selection of drums and percussion instruments to choose from. Our entire second floor is dedicated to drums, cymbals and percussion, so be sure to head on up the stairs and take a look.

As Wilmington's exculsive authorized Drum Workshop (DW) dealer (  We feature The Drummers Choice® of percussion instruments.  "DW drums, pedals and hardware are the standard by which all others are measured".  From thrones, snare & cymbal stands to single/double chain pedals and right on up to full Kits we carry the full line of DW gear.

In addition to DW, we also carry kits, hardware and instruments from Pearl, PDP, Tama, Meinl, Zildjian and Sabian.  Swing on by and check us out for all your drumming and percussion needs.


Live Sound

Looking for a new PA for your next gig?  Need a new set of microphones or stands before you hit the club?  We carry live sound packages and gear to get you heard. We carry brands like Shure, Mackie, Roland, Boss and Audio-Technica.  Whether you're a touring pro, a local band, a DJ or perform Karaoke, we have the gear to get you through your gig. Be sure to check out our selection of microphones, mixers, power amps and speakers.



Step into the comfort of your own studio.  Relax and lay down a track or two. When inspiration hits you and you need to record it NOW, we've got you covered.  If your looking for an audio interface, mixer, midi, or you need advice to set up your own recording studio, we've got it.  From condenser and dynamic mics, dekstop recording kits and rhythm stations we carry a selection from Shure, Audix, MXL, Roland, Boss, Mackie, Audio-Technica and more. Come check us out!


Accessories and Parts

Nothing is worse than having that important gig all lined up and then something you need is broken or missing. We've got the accessories you need to finish the show. Cables, Straps, Pickups, Drum heads, cymbals, mic stands, speaker stands, guitar stands, picks, strings, slides, tuners, bridges, saddles and more!  Come check out the wall of strings, our selection is one of the best around!  Come audition a new stopbox, tubescreamer,  overdrive, chorus, delay, or loop station; we've got all the popular pedals from Boss, Dunlop, Digitech, Maxon, Ibanez and Electro-harmonix brands for you to play with. When you need that part or accessory right now, we've got you covered.