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The Music Loft is fortunate to have 2 skilled repairmen in house.

Luthier John Maertens performs tasks from the simple repair of resoldering an input jack to setting up a drop-tuned Floyd Rose to repairing a fractured Gibson headstock. Factory authorized by Fender, Taylor and Guild.  John has the skill and tools  to set up your guitar to your specs and his standards.  All repairs are performed on a first come, first serve basis.  Please understand the unpredictable ebb and flow of repairs and the time needed to perform each job varies, so sometimes a simple repair can take longer than expected, but you will be pleased when John is done.




Guitar Repair Rates (some exceptions apply)

Basic Set-up                                                $45 plus strings


-adjust truss rod


-lower action

-Floyd Rose tremolo add                            $15

Resolder/replace input jack                      $15

Install Strap button (acoustic)                    $5

Switch out pickups (passive)                     $35 per   

                                (active)                       $45 per

Reglue Acoustic bridge                               $50


Restring Rates- usually performed by one of the staff while you wait. If we are busy, we usually have it ready that afternoon)


-restringing of guitar

-clean/polish guitar body

-hydrate fretboard


Restring 6-string traditional (electric/acoustic)  $10 plus strings            

Restring (12-string, nylon, floyd rose)                  $15 plus strings




Got a neck that buzzes? ...

Guitars left for 30 days beyond their completion date are subject to a $5 a day storage fee.


Amplifier Repair by Mark Weathers

From tracking down a broken solder joint to replacing and biasing tubes in your tube amp, Mark can get your amp back up and running. Factory Authorized by Fender, SWR, Mesa-Boogie... he can get it done. We are not currently performing repairs on Marshall and Vox. Contact Korg customer service (631)-390-6500 to locate an authorized repair center.


Amp Repair Rates (some exceptions apply)


Bench Fee (paid upfront)                          $25

-will be applied to repair

Repair/replace input jack                         $15-$50 (depending on access to inside amp)

Replace speaker                                        $20 plus speaker

Retube and Bias tube amp                         $25-$50 (depending on tube count)

Trace and repair solder joint                    $15-$50 (depending on access to inside amp)


Got an amp that hums? ...  


Amps left beyond 30 days of their completion dates are subject to a $5 a day storage fee and/or being used as a PA in Rob and Mark's experimental kitties on keys jazz duet:  "Time 2 paws" featuring a tribute to two of the greats 'Coolbreeze' Meowington and Toby Claws.