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413 South College Road.
Wilmington NC

Sell / Trade

We pay cash for quality instruments, take trade-ins, and offer consignment!

Come check out our inventory of used equipment. We're constantly getting new gear for you to demo.  Each of our used items are tested to ensure they are in working order.  Why take a risk with ebay or craigslist when you can get quality used equipment that you can actually audition!

Looking for cash for your used gear? Bring it down to The Music Loft for a quick sell.  Have a bad case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome)?  Cure it with some TUMS (Time to Unload My Stuff) and trade in your old gear for something new.


We pay cash for quality instruments. Typically name brands that people are familiar with, that have established themselves in the industry, and that we feel we can resell. We subscribe to the online service from Orion blue books (,  which is considered the best and most comprehensive used value data base available. We use this information as a reference for offers on items brought in for sale or trade.  We provide you with this information so you can judge what is in your best interest as the seller. If the sell/trade-in value isn't what you were hoping for, we also offer consignment...


-We love consignment. It allows us to have unique inventory beyond the brands we support  and customers get to expose their item for sale to a large audience without the hassle of e-bay ghost bidders and cragislist crazies.

-We mainly consign guitars, basses, amps and sometimes drums. If you have a school band instrument or a piano, we really don't do that. But if you have something unusual, we might do that, so give us a call 799-9310 and explore our boundaries.

-All items must be in playable/working condition. Guitars must have fresh strings, have acceptable action and be free and clear of any mysterious residues (don't ask, just wipe it down before you bring it in please).

-Bring your item by and tell us what you want to get for the item. Be reasonable, a used item rarely sells for the same price as the new item, (unless your like my college dorm mate's family's business that  "bought junk but sold antiques" ...). Price usually dictates how quickly an instrument  will move.

-If we sell your item and you take the money and run, we charge a commission of 20% of the selling price. (Example: We sell your used Standard Strat for $350, we get $70, you get $280)

-If you would like spend your new found wealth (can I hear it for Nouveau Riche?) in its entirety at the Music Loft, we charge a 10% commision. You will be given a gift card or store credit to be spent how you like. (Example: we sell your standard strat for $350, we get $35, you get a store credit for $315)

-If you sell your item on your own outside the store, come pick it up and pay no commission, we only get paid if it sells here,  there is no hanging fee!!!

-Our return policy allows a customer 7 days to return an item for a refund, as long as it is in the same condition it left in. If we sell your item on consignment, payment from the sale will be available to you 7 days after the sale date.

-We do not offer layway on consignment items.